Hi Vis & PPE
Based in Devon, Available Nationwide

If you need hi vis clothing or PPE in Devon and throughout the UK, then Central Embroidery & Print has plenty to choose from. We supply an extensive range of high visibility clothing and personal protection equipment (PPE), including jackets, vests, trousers, t-shirts, polo shirts, shoes, gloves and masks. Furthermore, we can add logos and branding to all of our items, quickly and at very competitive prices. PPE is essential to safeguard your employees from risk and for the protection of those in your charge. Hence, Central embroidery & Print proudly provides quality, fit-for-purpose garments, perfect for construction sites, warehouses, factories, schools and large scale events! Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

PPE and Hi Vis Clothing

Take a look at our catalogue for our full selection of high visibility and PPE products. Each in a range of colours or sizes and available plain or customised to your choosing. The range includes:

  • Hi vis waterproof, softshell, fleece, traffic, Safe-Guard and bomber jackets
  • Hi vis vests, tabards, polo shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, bodywarmers and hoodies
  • Safetywear, hi vis and reflective trousers, shorts, coveralls, belts and braces
  • Safety glove, goggles, headwear, footwear, protective face masks, knee pads and socks
  • Children’s hi vis jackets and tabards for safety at school or out and about

Do I Need PPE?

If you are working in dark, high-risk or hazardous areas then the answer is probably yes! The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 helps businesses and individuals to determine the level of PPE required based on individual circumstances. Moreover, employers have a duty of care to supply essential PPE to staff free of charge. So, securing competitive prices without compromise on quality will be advantageous. If you need PPE Central Embroidery & Print has got you covered, with our range of affordable, premium products!

Safety Wear

There are many design attributes and properties of PPE and hi vis clothing, that make it fit for purpose. Moreover, all of our safety wear is of the highest quality, without the premium price tag!

Hi Vis Clothing

The combination of fluorescent fabrics and reflective strips can reflect even the lowest light levels, making the wearer far more visible. This is particularly valuable when working in dark environments or at night to prevent accidents. Furthermore, it is crucial you are seen in any busy or dangerous work location, such as construction sites or roadsides. Our range of hi vis clothing is available in a variety of styles to suit all weather conditions.

Hard Hats and Safety Boots

Helmets are made from durable high-density polypropylene. The suspension bands in helmets help to dissipate the impact, lessening the strike force. Furthermore, the bands create a space between the helmet and the head, to reduce the likelihood of direct skull trauma. Safety Boots and shoes, are usually made from quality leather for maximum foot support and are reinforced with steel toe caps. We can supply both hard hats and safety boots, along with our other PPE products.

PPE Equipment

Goggles, safety masks, gloves and socks are all varieties of PPE equipment. Socks and gloves provide protection against sharp objects with padding and reinforcements. Meanwhile, goggles and safety masks protect even more sensitive body parts, the eyes and lungs! Thus shielding them from shards, irritants or dust that may scratch or cause injury.

Contact Central Embroidery & Print

Contact the team today to order hi vis and PPE in Devon. Whether you need plain clothing for personal use or branded safety wear for an entire fleet of workers, Central Embroidery & Print has the in-house capacity and know-how to help. So, give us a call.

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